Take a trip back in time ,Join us for a weekend of History in a wonderful setting

Crown Forces 1776


The Society depicts units of the British Army

from the American War of Independence

and has appeared at a multitude of sites from Cornwall

to Northumbria

Over the years they have visited just about every

English Heritage site

many of the National Trust, County Shows and individual

historical venues

such as Portsmouth Dockyard and the National Army Museum

They have the backdrop of a small 18th Century Military Camp

including a display of Soldiers artefacts


There area display will include


.18th Century Infantry Parade and Firing Manual Exercise 


.Supplemented by an Artillery Display featuring

the Society’s reproduction firing Light 3 Pounder Cannon


. A children's participation session in light Drill

and Marching to the Drum.

.The young adults are equipped with quality reproduction

muskets and some soldierly items of uniform


For more details please visit the group on face book


 Crown Forces Page

The Brixham Battery Heritage Group


Are a group of volunteers helping to restore and maintain the

Brixham Coastal Defence Battery built in 1940

They provide on site information to the general public

and other organisations 

The group uses the Artillery Training Section

( A.T.S ) hut as a education centre and museum 


The dedicated group helps to maintain and restore

the grounds of  Brixham Battery

This includes the ATS building, War Shelter,

Ammunition Tunnels,Generator Rooms,

Gun Emplacements, Battery Observation Post ( B.O.P )

Pill Box and other structures around the site.

They also educate schools and the general public

about the history and the operation

of the site during WW11

Their museum is open 2pm -4pm

on Mondays, Fridays and Sundays

plus special open days

check out their website for more information 

Brixham Battery


The group are putting on a static display

and arena displays

with a weapons talk and demonstration

They also will be doing Bayonet practice.

where children will be allowed to participation

with  reproduction weapons  and uniform items

This local group won a best in show

at the Lupton 1940s event and

were very popular with the visitors 

Wardour Garrison.

Wardour Garrison Living History Society

re-creates life as it might have been in England

during the Seventeenth Century

The Wardour Garrison's members have the skills

to demonstrate  a number of skills and crafts

that may represent the types of activity

that would have been carried out by

a seventeenth century garrison

Wardour Garrison


Most of these will be on display 


The Musket   - The Kitchen and Cooks  - The Pike 


Games  - The Bill   - Children   -Cavalry  - Coiner       


 Barber Surgeon  -  Candle Maker  -   Ladies                             


 Rope Maker    - Spinners and Knitters  -  Lace Maker    


Officers  - Laundress  -  Woman -   Apothecary


Shot Maker   - Tavern                                 


Warriors of Tintagel


Anglo Saxon and Romano Celt re-enactment 

in the heart of King Arthur's birthplace

Established in 2016, the Warriors of Tintagel is

Cornwall's leading EarlyAnglo-Saxon/Romano Celt

re-enactment and living history group

As a volunteer-run education group

Tre War Vendyh aims to shed light on the historical

period known to some as 'The Dark Ages'

Not much is known regarding the actual historical events

that occurred except from lasting historical texts

These were mainly from monks and such sources

who depicted the events many years after they

had actually occurred

such as those by Geoffrey of Monmouth

We re-enact these mysterious events today

to the best of our ability!      

        Tre War Vendyh!

Warriors of Tintagel


 Some of the things you might see in our encampment:

  • Saxons vs Britons fights including Raiding Parties

  • and Camp Fights

  • Dyeing, Weaving, Wool Spinning

  • Bone/antler working

  • Wood carving

  • Medicine

  • Ancient Bee Keeping

  • Food Displays

  • Weapon Displays

Wenches in Trenches


Wenches in Trenches are a group of women brought together by Sue Robinson whose Grandmother was a nurse, In the past few years we have raised money for military causes such as parcels for troops, funds to help children of injured troops,Forces Childrens Trust, Gurkha Welfare Trust, RBL Somme Branch and La Boisselle study group to name just a few. In 2015 we bought a WW1 tented dressing station complete with approximately 600 original instruments, we now tour UK and Europe with our amazing display going to events, memorials and schools. Our aim is to educate and keep the remembrance of our brave women who left their safe homes here in UK to nurse our injured during WW1. In 2015 we had a beautiful bench made in Yorkshire by Vinny Felstead one of the friends of Lochnagar crater he then transported it to Northern France and sited it at Lochnagar Crater in memory of the Nurses and VADs who served in that country. The following year we funded a granite memorial on the same site dedicated to Women of all nations who served so valiantly.


Wenches in Trenches



Brixham Unit Information 


British Resistance Archive -Churchill's Auxiliary Units


Auxiliary Units were a secret resistance network of highly

trained volunteers prepared to be Britain's last ditch line of

defence during World War Two

They operated in a network of cells from hidden 

underground bases around the UK

Brixham Auxiliary Unit and Operational Base

will be the main display topic when the 

group attend the event

The unit base site is not far from Lupton House 

Learn more when you chat to them 

You will find them in the main house 


Coleshill House


The Medieval Free Company


The Medieval Free Company is a group of families and individuals who all share a common interest in medieval history. We specialise in the recreation of the lifestyle of a group of mercenaries during the Wars of the Roses period. Our focus is on authentic living history camps & archery with authentic English longbow.

With the Medieval Free Company you can feel the weight of a real sword, hear the whip of the bowstrings as the arrows fly, mark the dexteritity it takes to weave baskets, try your hand at making butter from scratch, test your cunning with the games master and feel the heat from the cook's open fire. We guarantee an immersive, engaging and truly Medieval experience.


We pride ourselves on our passion for this period of history and the skills and aspects of medieval life that we display. As such we welcome as many questions as you can ask and only hope that you are inspired to learn more about life during the Wars of theRoses as a result of meeting the Medieval Free Company.

Medieval free company

The 304th Panzer grenadier


The 304th Panzergrenadier Living History Group was formed in 2013 and became part of the oldest WW2 re-enactment society in the country, the WW2 Living History Association. From its start our group have striven for a strong command structure and true authenticity in everything that we do and after only a few years the group has gained a reputation for authenticity and a true representation of the German Panzer Grenadier. We’re keen to find and recruit people from around the country who have the same level of commitment to authenticity and to the preservation of WW2 history. 

304th Panzer Grenadier

As part of the event we have once again invited local modellers

to bring some of their amazing models along 

These will be on display in the room along side the main house

Look for the signpost  so you don't miss them 

During the Weekend you will spot none other then good

old Winston Churchill  ( Arthur Cook ) wondering around

Be sure to get a photo 

Story Teller

 Mimi Attenburrow is a  BA (hons) Acting graduate from Arts University Bournemouth but a local Devon girl at heart

Cowslip theatre focus on outdoor and immersive, storytelling theatre and uses history and folklore to transport the audience to enhance the magic of the natural world.




The Tudor Dance Group is a non profit making organisation whom aim is to promote and preserve the knowledge of early dance.

Dance displays will be on the programe with the group meeting and greeting  during the weekend 

 Samantha Montini is a Devon based vocalist with a repertoire that spans the decades.​


 After singing at a 60th VE/VJ Day Celebration in 2006 Samantha found her niche in the vintage era and has been continuously developing and improving her act since then. Her repertoire now encompasses the decades from the 40's right up to present day




Samantha Montini 


The Legendary Ten Seconds

The Legendary are a local based Group from Torquay

They bring you their own style of Folk Rock based music about 


The life and times of King Richard 3rd 


The Legendary 10 Seconds






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